How we live with extra pounds?

November 20, 2016

I'm 23 years old, spent 10 years, tried millions of ways to lose weight,fatladies I did it at one time, but those extra weights came back again, suddenly, then, how we live with extra pounds?

We love coke, hamburger, snack, fast food, we are busy, we don't have time to do exercises, sometimes we don't even have time to eat, our body still overweight.

Then, how we live with our extra pounds?

• The size and shape of your body is not a measure of your self-worth. You should learn how to value yourself and love yourself unconditionally at any point in time. You should also learn how treat others very well. Please don't be upbeat about yourself, and don't give too much attention to issues about your weight. Rather, be happy about yourself whenever you go through the list of your assets, talents, endowments and accomplishments.

• Focus and concentrate on the positive areas and parts of your life which can be a good job, good friends that you have around you, a nice and beautiful home. Please stop criticizing and condemning yourself by capitalizing on the wrong doings.

• Let go of perfectionism, especially in terms of food. Just eat pretty healthy food at all time. Stop criticizing and admonishing yourself for the occasional indulgence and sympathy. Quit thinking of foods as "good" and "bad." Instead, use such terms as "a good thing to eat frequently" or " a good thing to eat occasionally."

• Develop and grow a more positive and confident body picture of yourself by appreciating its functional nature. Appreciate your legs and arms always for carrying you around and being able to embrace someone. Develop and also grow mastery. It is better you know what you are good at and capitalize on these things. Seek further education or training. It's fun to do what we like doing.

• Put nothing on hold as a reward for weight loss. Create a list of things you've always wanted to do and start doing them now. Being skinny and slim is not a prerequisite and requirement for living life and having a good health. Develop and grow a personal lifestyle and attitude that announces you to the world. The feeling you have about yourself determines how you will live your life and it will be reflected in the way you appreciate yourself, the way you smile and relate with the people around you.

• Dress comfortably, happily and contentedly. Wear some comfortable, happy and properly fitting clothes that will improve and develop your mental outlook. Avoid tight clothes as they will make you feel miserable and unhappy.

• Stop having the notion that there is one ideal shape every woman and man needs to conform to. That is absolute nonsense and rubbish. Many people come in different colors, sizes, and shapes which is the beauty of the human race. We do not have to figure out flaws in our shapes as we all have different shapes and sizes. Let go of continuous comparison and competition. You don't need to compare yourself with any other person on earth because you are a wonderful and awesome creation.

• Concentrate and focus on developing a healthy way of life, not on losing weight. Developing a healthy way of life is a positive activity, while losing weight usually is based on a negative self-image.

• Lastly, be free to love and be in a relationship, have regular but safe sex as it is a good way to leave the body in good health conditions. Don't be boxed into thinking that because you are fat, you cannot be loved. Discard it completely.